Infrastructure & Transport

Our infrastructure and transportation strategies offer a variety of ways to tap into the diversification benefits, return and yield potential presented by the assets that form the foundations of the global economy.


Infrastructure assets provide essential services to society, such as the movement and storage of goods, people, data or resources. By definition, infrastructure assets are essential to the economic health and productivity of communities. We believe that they are also an essential component of a diversified investment portfolio. Investments in infrastructure typically exhibit low volatility and low correlation to the traditional asset classes of equity and fixed income. They also provide essential yield to investors and pure-play access to developing economies.

Our infrastructure platform spans geographies, debt and equity, and the risk-return spectrum. With local teams based in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai, we are well-equipped to identify and pursue attractive infrastructure assets around the world.


Large global corporations and multinational conglomerates all require access to large-ticket, critical transportation assets in order to support their global transportation networks. These assets, such as aircraft, containerships, railcars and vehicle fleets, form the backbone of global trade.

Our transportation strategies are managed by an established investment team with an extensive industry network and a demonstrated ability to source, operate and exit investments. The strategic relationships the team has built with operators, lessees, lenders, shipyards and original equipment manufacturers form an essential foundation for the construction of a diversified transportation portfolio.